Probation and Pretrial Services

The Tulalip Tribal Probation Office (TTPO) provides supervision and rehabilitative services for individuals under the Tribal Court’s jurisdiction. A team of probation officers and administrative support staff supervise both pretrial and post-conviction criminal cases in accordance with conditions set by the Court.

The Probation Office facilitates and supervises programs including electronic home monitoring, drug/alcohol testing, field supervision, and the Tribe’s community service program. The department cooperates with all agencies, including Tribal, public, and private, that are concerned with the treatment or welfare of individuals on supervision. They also coordinate with law enforcement and other community corrections agencies (federal, state, and Tribal) for the overall protection and safety of the Tulalip community.

If you need to reach the Tulalip Probation Office, please call 360-716-4800.


  • Jehrad Kimble, Probation Services Manager
  • Aaron Duncan, Community Service Coordinator