Here are commonly asked questions about tribal members being excluded from the reservation. If you have been excluded and have other questions, please contact the court.

  • Tulalip Tribal Code 2.40 states that the power to exclude is a firmly established power of tribal government, and necessary to protect the political integrity, economic security and/or the health or welfare of the Tribes. If you have been excluded, it’s because you have been convicted of one of the following offenses listed in the code:

    • Convicted of possession with the intent to manufacture, cultivate or deliver drugs
    • Convicted of sex crimes
    • Convicted of multiple domestic violence incidents
    • Convicted of others criminal offenses listed in the Tulalip Tribal Code
  • If you’ve been excluded, you should stay off the reservation. If you’re seen on the reservation, it could result in an arrest or a police referral to the appropriate charging jurisdiction for a possible violation of exclusion order or trespass charge.

    If you want to be allowed back on the reservation, you need to fill out a motion to the court requesting a deferral of your exclusion and hearing request. You’ll need someone else to serve the Tulalip Tribes legal department with the motion, the summons and the notice of hearing. Then, at the court hearing, you must explain why you should be allowed back on the reservation and what steps you have taken to change your situation (beginning treatment, any UA's taken, resolution of court cases, and anything else that would show the court why you should be allowed back on the reservation).

  • If you are on the deferred exclusion program, you must maintain compliance with all of your court-ordered services: UA's, chemical dependency treatment, mental health treatment, medical and dental and any other services ordered by the court. You will also have to check in with the court occasionally to talk about how you’re doing.

  • Your deferral can be revoked if you commit a new criminal offense (tribal or state crime), miss your court-ordered UA's, have a dirty UA or fall out of compliance with any court-ordered services.

  • The first time a deferral is revoked, you have to wait 12 months from the date the deferral was revoked and exclusion reinstated before you can ask for another deferral. If you get another deferral and it is revoked for a second time, you have to wait 24 months from the date the second deferral was revoked and exclusion reinstated. If you get a third deferral and it is also revoked, you have to wait 36 months from the date the third deferral was revoked, and exclusion was reinstated. If you get a fourth deferral and that deferral is revoked, you have to get permission from the board of directors to request a fourth deferral from the court.