Infractions / Citations

Listed below are frequently asked questions about infractions/citations received on the Tulalip Reservation. If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ, please call the court.

  • You can only make cash payments directly to the Tulalip Tribal Court. Otherwise, if you opt to mail in your payment, please use only checks or money orders and enclose the ticket which you were issued with the first box checked saying you have enclosed your check or money order. The Tulalip Tribal Court's mailing address is:
    6332 31st Ave NE, Suite B
    Tulalip, WA 98271
  • You may request to the Court to make payment arrangements. Please contact a Clerk at the main Court phone number 360-716-4773.
  • If you agree to the infraction, but want a hearing to explain the circumstances, please check Mitigation Hearing on the back of your ticket and return within 15 days to the Tribal Court. The Court will set a hearing, where you must promise to appear on that date. You may ask witnesses to appear on your behalf, but they are not required to appear. You must come to the Court to request from the judge to make payments or reduce the penalty where allowed by law.
  • If you wish to contest your ticket saying you did not commit the infraction, you may mark the back of the ticket you were given under Contested Hearing if it is returned to the Court within 15 days. The Tribe must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you committed the infraction. You may subpoena any witness, including the officer who wrote the ticket to attend the hearing (the court can guide you to the right form to request the appearance of a witness).
  • If you do not respond within the 15 days time frame, then after 45 days your traffic citation will go into default meaning that you owe the Court for the fine amount listed on your ticket, as well as extra court costs that will be imposed.
  • If your fine went into default and you still have not paid your ticket, it will then be sent to a collection agency.