Forms & Filings

Are you looking for a specific form to file with the court? This is where you’ll find forms for appeals, petitions and motions and other helpful information for requesting documents, as well as the filing fee schedule. If you have a family member seeking funeral release to attend a funeral or need a marriage license (or details on getting married at the court), you’ll find that here as well.

Court Forms

The Court Forms page is where you can find an extensive list of forms required by the Tulalip Tribal Court for appeals, petitions, and motions, as well as general forms and document requests.

Filing Fees

The Filing Fees provide a list of the fees for filing forms with the court and obtaining copies of documents.

Inmate in Custody Release

The Inmate in Custody Release page provides information on what is needed if there has been a death in the family, and an inmate needs to be released for a funeral.

Marriage Licenses

The Marriage Licenses page provides information on what the requirements are, and how to apply for a marriage license.