Warrant Quashes

2023 Tribal Court Warrant Quashes

Submitted by Wendy Church, Court Clerk Manager

If you have a warrant for your arrest on the Tulalip Reservation, you may be able to quash your warrant.

Warrants are issued because you failed to appear at your hearing, or there was a criminal complaint filed against you, also if you have failed to comply with a court order, such as having a probation violation or a missed urinalysis. You may be able to quash an old warrant and get a new hearing date.

Warrant Quash hearings are now held on Monday & Wednesday; all Warrant Quash hearings are now in person effective immediately:

Warrant Quash Calendar:
Mondays at 1PM
Wednesdays at 9AM

For first time warrant quash, there is no charge. However, for subsequent warrant quashes you could be charged anywhere from $25 to $75 dollars. The police, prosecution, and probation are then notified that you came to the court to quash your warrant. It is advised to please keep your warrant quash paperwork on you for at least one week.

The Tribal Court encourages you to come in to quash your warrant.

If you have questions regarding warrant quashes, you can call or check-in with the Anna M. Moses Clerk’s Office at 360-716-4773, option 5.

Thank you,
Wendy Church
Court Clerk’s Office Manager