If you have a warrant for your arrest on the Tulalip Reservation, you may be able to call in to quash it and get a new hearing date.

Warrants are issued because you previously failed to appear at your hearing or there was a criminal complaint filed against you. Failing to comply with a court order (such as having a community supervision violation or a missed urinalysis) could also lead to a warrant being issued.

The Tulalip Tribal Court encourages you to quash your warrant. You must call at the times above to quash your warrant. Otherwise you will not get a new hearing, and your warrant will still be active. It’s also advised that you keep your warrant quash paperwork on you for at least one week.

First-time offenders (sometimes second-time offenders) don’t pay anything for a warrant quash. If you are a repeat offender, the judge may levy a fee, anywhere from $25, $50, or $75. Once you’ve paid the fee, the police, prosecution, and community supervision will be notified that you came to the court to quash your warrant.

Warrant quashes are virtually held on Mondays from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Call the conference line # (224) 501-3412, then enter Access Code 460-893-421.

If you have further questions regarding warrant quashes, you can call the tribal court and speak to the court clerk’s office at 360-716-4773 [option 5].

We intend to hold a Warrant Amnesty week in early 2021 to provide an opportunity for community members to quash outstanding warrants. More details to come.

Thank you,
Stephanie Ancheta
Court Administrator