Tribal Bar Exam

Attorneys looking to practice in the Tulalip Tribal Court must pass the tribal bar exam. You will find all the information you need for that process on this page.

Bar Exam Process

(See Tulalip Tribal Code below)

If you would like admission to the Tulalip Tribal Bar, fill out the Bar Exam Application and return it to the Tulalip Tribal Court, Attn: Courtney Burdett, by mail 6332 31st Ave NE, Suite B, Tulalip, WA 98271 or e-mail to

Tribal code study materials are accessible in Code Publishing Online. The Court rules are accessed from the “links” box. The Tulalip Rules of Professional Responsibility for Non-Attorney Spokespersons and additional Jurisdiction Indian Law study materials are accessed by downloading the information in the links below.

The Tribal Bar Exam consists of 28 multiple choice questions and will be available for in-person examinees only. It’s an open book test, or you can use a personal laptop with the tribal court’s WI-FI to access the study materials. The exam must be completed within two hours.

Upon passing the Tulalip Tribal Court bar exam, please request a Petition for Admission to the Tulalip Tribal Court Bar and Advocate’s Oath from the Tulalip Tribal Court Clerk’s office. You will need to pay the annual admission fee as established by the court. (The renewal fee is $100 every year, due by February 1st.).