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ODMAP is now called Recovery Resource Center and located at 7627 41st Ave NW | Tulalip, WA 98271.


The Tulalip Tribes received a grant, ODMAP (Overdose Detection Mapping & Application Program). The need for a coordinated tribal opioid response project is evidenced by the opioid epidemic plaguing the Tulalip Reservation. By implementing the ODMAP, the Tulalip Reservation will have a unified system for tracking and monitoring overdose incidents, enabling a more efficient and coordinated response from all involved agencies. This will not only help in identifying patterns and trends but also in allocating resources effectively to address the opioid crisis on the reservation. Additionally, having consistent data across all organizations will facilitate better collaboration and information sharing, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for the Tulalip Community.

ODMAP is located at the Recovery Resource Center. The program supports services already available within the Tulalip Tribes. We support the Tulalip Pharmacy and Recovery Services, educate the community about Narcan®, and distribute kits. We want families to have the information and tools to help loved ones. If you have an expired kit, it can be exchanged with Tulalip Pharmacy or Recovery Services. If you go to Tulalip Pharmacy, you must have Apple Health or private health insurance for a kit.

We care about our community and want to do what we can to support our Tribal members and support Tribal programs directly. In addition to providing kits, we are actively working on expanding our outreach efforts to ensure that all community members have access to the necessary resources. We are collaborating with local organizations to host workshops and educational sessions on effectively using the kits and promoting overall well-being within our community. Our goal is to empower families with the knowledge and tools they need to care for their loved ones and create a healthier environment for everyone.

To receive the supplies please watch the training video and complete the below form.

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Narcan Nasal Spray Distribution Form

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I, _______________________, affirm that I am at least 13 years of age and I attended a virtual Narcan nasal spray training on this ______ day of ___________, _________ to receive a Narcan kit from the Tulalip Tribes ODMAP department and will maintain the guidelines provided.

Please contact us at: 360-722-2255 within 24 hours of use to receive a new Narcan kit.