Welcome to the Tulalip Tribal Court

Community Statement Reopening

The court will reopen to the public on August 10. Temperatures will be taken prior to access to the building and masks must be worn at all times by the public. Most hearings will remain through video conferencing with some exceptions. The public is welcome to call in to open hearings to listen in. Beginning September 1, we will begin to transition some hearing types to in-person with limits on people within the court room. Wellness Court, certain criminal matters and contested hearings will begin to be in-person. Please check with the court if you have any questions. 360-716-4773.

For criminal matters, we continue to have in-custody hearings, have warrant quashes Monday, and Friday right after the 9 am calendar. If a family member wants to participate and listen to a hearing, we ask that you contact the court clerk at 360‑716-4773.

Civil matters: We will resume courthouse filing on August 10, and will continue to allow for electronic filing at courtclerkstaff@tulaliptribes-nsn.gov. The filer should use the subject line of “For E-Filing” or via US mail sent to: Tulalip Tribal Court, 6332-31st Ave Ne, Suite B, attn.: Clerk’s Office, Tulalip, WA 98271. Fee payments will resume August 10.

We thank you all for the grace that you all have shown since the beginning of the pandemic, and ask for your patience and assistance during the upcoming months as we undertake a new approach to the court services that takes into account the safety and health of those that use and work at the court. Please click on the links above that connect to our individual orders for more information.

Sincerely, Alicia Horne, Court Director


The tribal court provides due process and equal protection under the law and strives to effectively and fairly administer justice to all Tulalip tribal members. The court handles civil, criminal and juvenile matters for tribal members. Its work supports the growth of a healthy and culturally vibrant community by administering judicial excellence.

The tribal court has many functions, and it provides the following important services, among others:

  • Tulalip Tribal Court
  • Community Supervision
  • Healing to Wellness Court
  • Tulalip Office of Civil Legal Aid (TOCLA)
  • Calling a mediator to hear and resolve family law matters
  • Tribal Court Elders Panel to hear young, first-time, nonviolent offense cases

Types of cases heard by the court:

  • Civil: The court hears child custody, adoption, child support, dissolutions, domestic violence, guardianships, marriage, name changes, TGA appeals, elder protection, dependency cases, civil complaints, fishing, hunting and gaming issues, forfeitures and exclusion, etc.
  • Criminal: The court hears criminal complaints filed by the Tulalip Tribal Court’s Prosecutor’s Office against tribal members. Criminal complaints filed against tribal members in instances of alleged domestic violence by one non-Indian against a native intimate partner, known as Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction, are also heard.
  • Traffic citations/infractions: Contested or mitigating circumstances regarding traffic citations/infractions issued by the Tulalip Tribal Police Department for tribal members and non-Indians alike are heard by the court.
Tulalip Tribal Court seal