Tulalip Tribal Court Filing Fees:

Below are the fees for filing forms with the court and obtaining copies of documents.

Petition/Motion Fee
Adoption $0.00
Child Custody $150.00
Child Support $100.00
Court Bar Admission $100.00
Dependency (YINC) $0.00
Dissolution $150.00
Domestic Partnership $100.00
Elder Protection $0.00
Exclusion Deferral $100.00
Gaming Appeal $100.00
General Civil $100.00
Guardianship $0.00
Harassment Protection Order $100.00
Marriage $100.00
Name Change $100.00
Paternity $100.00
Personal Injury $250.00
Protection Order $0.00
Unlawful Detainer $100.00
Workman's Compensation $100.00
Zoning $100.00

*Copies of Court Orders/Documents $0.25/page
*Court Audio on CD $15.00/CD

Waivers: Some clients may be able to apply for a waiver of filing fees (in certain extenuating circumstances) if the judge so determines.

Filing Free Waiver